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We may not have a time machine... but we can have you reminiscing with these blast from the past bands that will have you doing the twist and shout!

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Dupage ›
weddings, cover band, Rock
Dupage is a family-friendly all ages entertainment experience. dupage performs a popular a…
SoundTracks Of A Generation
SoundTracks Of A Generation ›
Pop Culture Rock from the 60's to the 90's.
SoundTracks Of A Generation provides musical revues, historical documentary style LIVE music pe…
Medicated Goo: The Cream Hendrix Traffic Tribute
Medicated Goo: The Cream Hendrix Traffic Tribute ›
Tribute Bands, Rock Bands, Cover Bands, Oldies
Take a magical mystery tour through the classic rock of the swinging late 60s with MEDICATED GO…
Rock, Cover Band
Do you enjoy the contemporary "soft rock" hits from the 70's and 80's? Coming to a stage near y…
Ray Massa's Eurorhythms
Ray Massa's Eurorhythms ›
Italian Folk to Current Italian Pop, Italian/American (Louie Prima, Jersey Boys, Dean Martin)
National Show Band. Specialty in World Music Emphasis on Italian and Italian American Music. Tr…
Real Pretenders
Real Pretenders ›
Tribute Band, Cover Band
Pretenders Tribute / Cover band
Second Hand Soul Band
Second Hand Soul Band ›
Motown, Soul, Cover, Oldies
Motown, Soul, Rock & Roll is exactly the sound that defines this Chicago band. Second Hand…
Golden Oldies, Rock, Motown, Soul, Blues
TOTAL SACRIFICE: We’re a cover band comin’ to the crowd full force. We do a variety of tune…
The Throwbacks
The Throwbacks ›
Cover band, Oldies, Rock and Roll
The Throwbacks might seem like an odd cover band. Three young guys decided take classic oldies…