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Jazz Bands

Louis Armstrong once said, “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Well, you know what jazz is and you love it! Whether you are looking for a duo, a trio, or an entire jazz ensemble, CEA can help make your event sound smooth as silk… daddy-o.

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Sam Fazio Trio/Quartet
Sam Fazio Trio/Quartet ›
Jazz Band
Sam Fazio's music is hip, elegant and bold. He puts a wonderful new spin on the songs we love.…
Bassel & The Supernaturals
Bassel & The Supernaturals ›
Soul, Jazz, Funk, Rock
Quality soulful entertainment for corporate events, festivals, universities, clubs, and private…
Swingabilly Slim and the Slim-Tones
Swingabilly Slim and the Slim-Tones ›
rock, rockabilly, swing, jazz
Swingabilly Slim and the Slim-Tones is the answer to all of your musical questions.  We pl…
Daniel Cronson
Daniel Cronson ›
Soul, Blues, Jazz, RnB
Since 2014 Daniel Cronson has been building a name for himself as an original and inspired blue…
Flamin' Yon
Flamin' Yon ›
Live Music, Street Fests, Parties, Events
A Band with Attitude. Authentic Rock n' Roll, Blues, Jazz, Funk. Range from Originals to Covers…
Grupo Paz
Grupo Paz ›
Latin Jazz; Brazilian; Jazz
Grupo Paz is a Latin Jazz quartet with repertoire spanning Cuban, Brazilian, and American Jazz…
Samuel Hankins Band
Samuel Hankins Band ›
Jazz, R&B, Funk & Dance
A six piece smooth jazz, contemporary jazz band and straight ahead jazz group. “Sam Hankins…
Andy Bossov
Andy Bossov ›
Pianist, Singing Pianist, Accompanist, Composer
Andy Bossov brings the joy of music wherever he goes and captivates audiences of all ages and b…
Zorana Bojanovic
Zorana Bojanovic ›
World, Gypsy, Jazz, Folk
Zorana Bojanovic is a recording artist based in Chicago, performing a fusion of traditional and…